3D rendering of scattered light from integrated filter. Image credit: Emir Salih Magden.

Integrated Filter Offers Broadband Response and Superior Precision


Our work on integrated broadband optical filters, now published in Nature Communications, provides a novel design and demonstration of optical filters that can simultaneously achieve broadband response and a sharp roll-off. The lead author of the paper describing integrated filter design and measurements is Prof. Emir Salih Mağden, along with colleagues from MIT’s Research Laboratory […]

Prof. Mağden awarded TUBITAK Career Development Grant


The Scientific and Technological Research Council Of Turkey (TUBITAK) recently announced that Prof. Emir Salih Mağden has been awarded the Career Development Grant (TUBITAK 3501). The grant is one of 7 awarded this year in the Electrical/Electronics/Informatics research category. The full list of grant winners can be found here and is accompanied by a press release. The […]

OSA interviews Prof. Mağden on why he finds working with light so inspiring.

The Optical Society Interviews Prof. Mağden at OFC


Prof. Mağden shares why he finds working with light so inspiring, in this interview with the Optical Society of America. The interview was filmed at Optical Fibers Conference held in San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California, USA. The interview is a part of the 100th anniversary celebrations of OSA’s Celebrating All Members (CAM) events where […]